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Performing Artist


Life is all intertwined and so are all of it's parts. Growing up in Vancouver Salma fell in love with dance, this is where she was introduced to Pilates. Her love affair with dance took her to New York where she studied at the Ailey School and Merce Cunningham Studio.

Making Dance Matter 


Salma Allam is a choreographer, dancer, actor and writer of Egyptian decent. She was
Artistic Director of Movement in C, and Salma Allam Dance Theater. Alwan for the Arts presented her solo show Collection of Me in 2011, where her blend of contemporary dance with Egyptian traditional dance was a focus. 

"Salma knows bodies. She definitely knows my body. I’ve worked with her for many years, as a performer, doing Pilates, MELT, and now Yoga."
"Salma is one of the most qualified and intuitive teachers you will have the chance to work with."
Creating An Impact In Fitness

Certified at Core Pilates NYC and ISHTA Yoga, finding a passion in helping others feel
better and meet their fitness goals in a healthy and supportive environment.