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Ankh Body is designed to be your home. A place to come back to yourself, and reacquaint with yourself. Life isn’t going to stop happening, hardships will come and go, and what remains constant is ourselves and the power we all have within us to maintain and reacquire peace of mind. Love your body and still your mind all in one place. Make room in your home for you. Find a partner in your well being here, the secret is you.

Ankh Body offers an online monthly membership that gives you access to 100+ video classes ranging from Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and Ankh Body Signature workouts. Sign up for our newsletter mailing list to stay in the know.

**Ankh Body strongly recommends that you consult a physician or alternative therapist before beginning any exercise, wellness or mediation program.

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We will hold many keys in life. The most important one is the one that unlocks the door to your well being. Start here. Get ready to be undefined.

-Salma Allam

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