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Life is all intertwined and so are all the parts of life. Growing up in Vancouver I fell in love with dance, this is where I was introduced Pilates. My love affair with dance took me to New York where I studied at the Ailey School and Merce Cunningham Studio. I worked with many different choreographers and styles of dance, flirting with a little bit of always feeling like an outsider.


Redefining my life as I found my self back in Vancouver when my grandmother got diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, my mother encouraged me to take some acting lessons. After her passing I ended up back in NYC, finding a home at the Deena Levy Theater Studio. Through my work with acting and my persistence with dance a new dream emerged: Salma Allam Dance Theater. Fusing acting, dance and writing I brought some stories to the stage, with some great people. Right before the debut of my first work dedicated to my grandmother I injured my back and ended up back in Pilates.


Pilates stayed with me this time as I continued to create for many years. Eventually I got Certified at Core Pilates NYC, finding a passion in helping others feel better and meet their fitness goals in a healthy and supportive environment. My time at Core introduced me to the MELT Method which is the best self care body system I have come across and eventually got trained in. A TRX certification popped in as another tool to help out my clients. Yoga and meditation weaved throughout it all landing at my yoga sanctuary ISHTA Yoga NYC where I received my 500hr certification. There is no end goal, just a journey, and through it all, the art will always be alive in me, as fitness and well being cultivate the balance of all worlds.

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